About Seph Martin

My Story

In case you don’t know me, my names is Giuseppe Petrini and I’m a music producer since I was 14.

My passion firstly started by listening and mixing some stuff, but when I was younger I had an “edm” taste. Then I decided to learn some music production and I fastly started gain my skills on it.

During these years I discovered so many genres and subgenres from the old fashioned 60’s to the classic house/hip-hop 90’s music style.
I tried to reproduce that vibes cutting and/or looping some samples/vocals of that old tracks.

First Release

In 2015 circa I started sending my stuff to various labels, from the most popular to the less one but everyone refused to release my music due to copyright issues (I always used vocals from my favorite tracks). Then, in 2016, Jay Frog (well know in edm scene) replied me that he was ok to release my music. So, he published two of my techy-techno tracks under his label “Dance of the Toads”.

After that I started discovering some interesting tracks watching various old school movies (Tarantino, Scorsese…) and then I re-started cooking with samples and in late 2016 I sent my demos to the Mood Funk Records, one of the best Jackin House labels in the business.
Angelo Ferreri, the founder, answered me that the music was good but the track was technically a messy. He then gives it a try releasing it in a compilation after a couple of months and, for the first time, I saw a track with my name in a chart. That was so satisfying!

In 2017 I started working with Enzo Siffredi’s Wired Label, releasing some tech-house bangers on it and then we worked on a featuring track called “I Love Da Funk” released then on his second label “Below the Belt”.

First Places

Returning to the Jackin/Funky House genre, my very first debut was with the track “Porno Disco” released on the Mood Funk Records, that raised various 1st and Top10 places in the charts on Traxsource.

After various other releases, me and Angelo Ferreri featured the next banger track called “Magic”. Released in 2019 on the early born Motive Records, the track raised all the best chart positions for various weeks, entering also in the ARIA Chart at #27 in the Club Music section.

In 2022 I had a special music journey studying the roots of disco music genre. From “The Get Down”  Netflix series to various documentary on YouTube I was fascinated by the evolution, the influence and the style of that era.

So I started to work on an original disco album that recall that raw but classy sounds (I couldn’t not include my cover of MFSB’s “Love Is The Message” that for me represents a status-symbol of the Disco Music).

I asked so many labels and artists to collaborate on that project but I realized that this music need to get out of my laptop so I decided to release it independently via the new SoundCloud platform.